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Locks Rekeyed And Master Key Systems

Your trusted Locksmith and Secuirty Professionals: Chess Security
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Locks Rekeyed and Master Key Systems in Toronto.

Locks Rekeyed in Toronto and Master Key Systems in Toronto: Here are some serious questions that you need to ask yourself when considering getting locks rekeyed in Toronto or if you are considering purchasing a master key system in Toronto. Do you need to know who and when someone opens a lock? How many people will you be giving keys to? Does it matter if those people can get duplicate keys produced? Do you know who already has keys to your locks? These are all very important questions to consider when you have purchased a new home or property. If you are using old locks it’s a real gamble to think that no one else will have access to your home or business. Our Toronto locks rekeyed company can help you cover all the bases when it comes to your home or buildings security.

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Are you curious about master key systems in Toronto? We are a master key systems provider in Toronto and also a master key systems installer in Toronto. Master keying allows you to have two different and distinct keys to open a single lock. Having a Toronto master key system allows you to regulate access to specific zones, but your master key will allow you limitless access to any zone. Our company can supply a master key system installation to your Toronto home or business. We have worked with many different companies over the years. Some examples are schools, hospitals, bed and breakfast homes and many residences. Chess Security Group is one of the most trusted names in security systems in Toronto.